V2MOM: Definition and Examples

V2MOM Definition & Examples

One of the stakes of effective management strategy is being able to communicate with the rest of your company what you want to achieve and how to do it, in order to create alignment. This is what the V2MOM framework was designed to do. However, before doing a rundown of its functioning step-by-step and giving you an example to help you create a V2MOM of your own, we need to take a look at what V2MOM is and why you might want to use it for your organization.

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V2MOM: Definition and Examples

What is V2MOM & why use it?

Marc Benioff’s V2MOM: an acronym and a definition

To put it simply, V2MOM is a planning and goal-setting framework. It was invented by Marc Benioff, co-founder and CEO of salesforce. As is often the case with frameworks, its name is in fact an acronym which stands for vision, value, methods, obstacles and measures.

The idea is not to just set goals, it is to create alignment at every scale and level within your organization. So many variations of the same V2MOM framework can coexist within a single company. The difference lies in the level of detail to answer the questions asked at each step.

For instance, if you ask the top executives about Obstacles (step 4), you’ll get maybe a few company names from the competition, whereas if you ask the sales team from Philadelphia, you’ll have more specific data, the competition’s sales reps, how they are doing in the North-East sector, etc.

Even though, every team answers according to their specific business area, be it a few states or the whole country, everyone basically follows the same roadmap:

  • company vision: the same long-term goals ;
  • organizational alignment: the same way to achieve these goals.

V2MOM: why you should consider implementing it into your process

So we’ve already seen one of the main strengths of the V2MOM framework: its high scalability, achieving your vision at every level of your business for a whole division, a department, a task force or even a single employee.

The V2MOM framework is also quite easy to use and to understand: answering five series of questions, step by step. However, the V2MOM framework needs constant communication to be effective: there is no use answering questions if the results are not collected and analyzed. Besides, it’s not a multi-purpose magic solution, it won’t solve systemic issues such as toxic work environments (which can partially be solved through conflict management) or inept management.

Because this framework is scalable and simple, it also comes with another benefit: it can be adapted to every company no matter their size, SMBs and blue-chip firms alike.

V2MOM is also an excellent way to make your business more transparent as every member of your structure now needs to plan and organize their days, weeks and months based on the company’s strategic planning of priorities: the way everyone’s work fits into the big picture appears clearly. Therefore, you obtain alignment but also improve accountability.

All of this in turn makes V2MOM one of the best decision-making tools available. Some industry leaders often refer to this framework as their “North Star”, emphasizing its influence on how they make their decisions or plan their strategies.

Finally, when you implement V2MOM properly, you set everything up for a creative and innovative environment by removing obstacles such as lack of communication, lack of transparency and individualistic views. To put it simply, when everyone feels they are on the same team, and they know and understand what they are all trying to accomplish, chances are team members will go above and beyond to find new ways to succeed.

V2MOM benefits

How to use the V2MOM framework?

Step 1: Vision

The V2MOM framework underscores the importance of a forward-looking Vision. Some say Vision is all about the “why” but it’s more about the what. The “why” is all the benefits we just discussed : scalability, business transparency, efficiency, etc.

To articulate your Vision, focus on ideal outcomes and stakeholder benefits and avoid specifics like numbers. You don’t need quantified objectives because those are called quotas and they won’t help you in guiding and motivating your teams. Actually, they tend to do the exact opposite.

Of course, that doesn’t mean your Vision has to remain vague and remote. No, on the contrary, it needs to be concise and inspirational so it resonates with everyone. Small businesses should aim for high-level, realistic visions, while established organizations can set more ambitious targets. Integral to the entire V2MOM process, a well-crafted vision ensures every subsequent action contributes to getting upcoming positive results.

Step 2: Values

In the V2MOM framework, Values play a pivotal role as guiding principles essential for realizing the Vision. These foundational beliefs shape the behavior of individuals, teams, or organizations, serving as a philosophical framework. Values, defined as principles aiding decision-making, are integral to matching behavior with the pursuit of the Vision. Values are also about the “what”, but on a moral standpoint.

To establish values, a process involving internal surveys or brainstorming sessions may prove a good idea. This way you prioritize and rank what holds significance for both employees and the organization. Here are few examples of values:

• employee empowerment;

• inclusion;

• transparency;

• integrity;

• commitment.

Values not only facilitate decision-making but also create a sound foundation for organizational identity which is really beneficial to teamwork.

Step 3: Methods

The Methods step of the framework is definitely about the “how”. To be more specific, Methods describe how to accomplish your Vision while abiding by your Values.

Despite its critical role, this step is overlooked more often than not. You really shouldn’t. Indeed, Methods consist in establishing strategic objectives, initiatives, and goals within a specified timeframe, still steering clear of specific metrics for the same reason as in step 1.

The Methods should be crafted using the SMART model, ensuring they are memorable for team members to easily recall when prioritizing daily tasks. As a quick reminder, SMART criteria are:

• Specific;

• Measurable;

• Achievable;

• Relevant;

• Time-Bound.

Methods can further be enhanced by integrating the OKR framework. You will need to determine the actions necessary to bring your team closer to accomplishing your vision. One such action might be linking empowerment and engagement to leadership rewards for instance.

Methods outline specific actions and steps, becoming the focal point for overcoming obstacles and measuring progress. This is the roadmap function we talked about.

Step 4: Obstacles

In the V2MOM framework, the Obstacles step is a particularly valuable aspect that sets it apart from other commonly used goal-setting and strategic frameworks. This is what makes V2MOM so special.

Its uniqueness lies in its anticipative approach to identifying and preparing for potential roadblocks along the path to realizing the vision. This is done with two sets of actions:

• strategically allocating resources to anticipate future challenges;

• reinforcing focus by rejecting activities that won’t impact goals positively.

The Obstacles step involves asking critical questions such as “What does failure look like?” and is essentially all about figuring out “What stands between us and our goals ?”. Each question delves deeper into the challenges than the last. To sum it up, Obstacles are the potential hurdles that must be removed to achieve the envisioned goal, prompting your organization to consider challenges, anticipate solutions, and prioritize strategies for success.

Step 5: Measures

Measures are about knowing how far you are from your objectives. You absolutely need to track your company’s progress, otherwise all you have done up until now is pointless. It ensures you and your teams are on the right trajectory.

You shouldn’t rely on a single, all-encompassing metric as it would amount to putting all your eggs in one basket. Besides, a single metric is less meaningful and accurate than a combination such as:

• Lagging KPIs for past results (churn rate, CSAT, Revenue Growth, etc.)

• Leading KPIs for ongoing actions and results (NPS, Social Media posts shared, etc.)

• Counter KPIs to avoid over-optimizing and to balance priorities (click-through rate).

Measures enable effective monitoring but also adjustments. Ultimately, Measures offer a lucid depiction of success, aligning actions with strategic intent and fostering continuous improvement within the organizational framework.

V2MOM step by step

V2MOM: examples

An example is a good idea to illustrate how V2MOM works. So let’s imagine a company called Quantum Technologies of Education (QTE), a medium-size business aiming to revolutionize the education technology sector. V2MOM can be scaled at every level of almost any business but in our example, this framework is written by the top executives of the company.

V2MOM Vision example

QTE envisions a future where innovative educational technology transforms the learning experience globally. We aim to be a trailblazer in designing advanced solutions to empower both students and educators, within an environment of continuous growth and knowledge acquisition.

We aim at being the first company to successfully enter the high-tech educational market of the Tri-State area and make a name for ourselves before trying to expand to the entire North-East coast.

V2MOM Values example

The first of our key values is innovation. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology to create cutting-edge solutions that revolutionize education. Another crucial QTE value is inclusivity: we believe in creating inclusive educational platforms, ensuring accessibility to quality learning for individuals from all walks of life and seeking different career paths.

We thrive on collaboration, both internally and through strategic partnerships, to build a strong and supportive educational ecosystem.

V2MOM Methods example

First, we intend on valuing technology integration. To do so, our company needs to invest in research and development to integrate emerging technologies, such as AI and augmented reality, into our educational products.

Second lever, nationwide partnerships. The idea is to establish collaborations with educational institutions and organizations all across the country to expand our national footprint and impact.

Finally we embrace agile methodologies to adapt quickly to evolving educational needs and stay ahead of technological advancements.

V2MOM Obstacles example

Navigating the competitive landscape is a multifaceted task that involves emphasizing unique features and ensuring a superior user experience. Regulatory compliance adds another layer to the challenge, requiring seamless operation in diverse regions while adhering to national regulations.

Furthermore, talent acquisition becomes pivotal, ensuring the attraction and retention of top-tier talent in both software development and educational technology to maintain a competitive edge.

V2MOM Measures example

Diving into user engagement metrics involves closely monitoring and analyzing global user engagement, providing insights into the effectiveness and popularity of QTE’s educational platforms. Coupled with this, customer feedback mechanisms are crucial, offering regular insights into user satisfaction and uncovering areas for ongoing improvement.

National expansion KPIs complement these efforts, tracking the successful establishment of partnerships and measuring user growth in new states to evaluate the effectiveness of U.S. expansion initiatives.

Overall, while you still have to maintain communication with your teams, monitor performance and make adjustments, V2MOM is at the same time really easy to implement and useful on so many levels. This is the perfect framework to go beyond the obvious and proactively setting yourself up for success.

Going beyond expectations and taking the extra-step to always improve as decision-makers is what we do everyday at CoachYZ. Indeed, we believe that thinking outside the box and opening to new ways is how you harness your full potential. If you want to be the best leader you can be, discover CoachYZ!

V2MOM Definition & Examples
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V2MOM is an acronym which stands for: Vision, Values, Methods, Obstacles and Measures. V2MOM is a goal-setting framework and each of these 5 elements helps define what the company tries to accomplish and how. This framework can be scaled to any group or even individual of nearly every business.

Both V2MOM and OKR (Objectives and Key Results) are goal-setting methodologies. They are very similar but the main difference is that V2MOM is first done by the top executives of the organization and then everyone at every level from the top to the base does their own variation of the initial one according to their own circumstances. OKRs are not meant to be disseminated.

This is one of the most used organizational frameworks so it has to mean something! Aside from that, V2MOM yields results if you seek to generate goal alignment within your company and also if you look for internal transparency, accountability as well as corporate cohesion.

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