Working together to do much more

our mission is to help you take back your power of choice.

Our coaching vision

We believe that successful coaching doesn’t shy away from independence and accountability – and we believe that the upcoming talent can uphold, nurture, and benefit from these values the best. CoachYZ adopts a coaching process that puts you in charge of your own fate and pushes you towards becoming your own problem-solver in the face of any challenges the world throws at you.

We do this by :

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building self-awareness​

Enabling you to locate your blindspots, core motivators, and personal resourcefulness to proactively change your future.

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reinforcing positive behaviour

Enabling you to locate your blindspots, core motivators, and personal resourcefulness to proactively change your future.

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amplifying a growth mindset

Enabling you to locate your blindspots, core motivators, and personal resourcefulness to proactively change your future.

A coaching philosophy focused on you

CoachYZ adopts the best approach you need based on what your agenda is–rather than attempting to fit you into a box. Our coaches have amassed a variety of experience working with different client profiles and are trained to optimize their coaching to maximize your ability to access a more fulfilling, balanced, and purposeful life.

Our coaching thrives on a designed alliance between you and your coach–based on mutual trust, respect, safety, and honesty–that leverages personalization and continued updation for tailored guidance that’s focused on supplying you with the best.

We are not in the business of telling you what to do, but rather inspire you to unlock the answers we know you have and equip you with a coach who acts as a sounding board that grows alongside you and what you need. In other words, we are here to teach you how to fish, not to feed you for a day.

Our coaching method

Our goal is to help you tap into the potential you already have. Think of something between a Sherlock Holmes investigation and a Socrates dialogue where you take control, claim accountability, and make conscious, informed choices to unleash your true power.

There are four important milestones you and your coach will navigate with you to push you forward in your journey.

Where it all begins, the focus is on you, where you stand, and where you want to be. Our mission is to guide you towards making your end goals a reality so the coaching journey has to be in line with your objectives; this is where we listen, assess, and design together the optimum and personalized alliance to help you get where you want to be.

Once the ground work is finalized and our destination decided, we can start working on evolving within your present ecosystem to maximize your chances of success. Through this step, we can gain a better understanding of the thoughts, behaviours, resources, and tools that make you who you are and raise your self-awareness to them. Our goal is to make sure you can best exploit your energy and environment to take back charge, become independent, and be able to walk by yourself.

This is the most tricky step but with our help, you will learn to challenge yourself, go beyond your comfort zone, and make the changes you need happen. Now, we know that change often evokes fears and hesitation and will need you to dig into your vulnerabilities and weaknesses, but your coach will be there to inspire you to dare and progress towards your objective by mobilizing your strengths and potential.

Once you’ve reached this stage of coaching, you will have a better understanding of yourself, your resources, and your natural talent and will be able to align best with success as you define it. This will be very important in your journey since you will now be able to face your objectives with a clear vision, self-confidence, and the ability to see outside of the box–and yourself. You will also gain the ability to challenge and inspire others around you and create a healthier life that sustains all your goals, whatever they are.

So, let’s go towards an alliance of challenging and changing your perspectives, confronting and delimiting your comfort zone, and pushing you beyond your roadblocks to achieve what you want.