CEO and Entrepreneur Coaching

One-on-One coaching to help you grow your business, 

master team management, and make an impact.

You really believe in the potential you and your business can reach but you often feel held back by :

Then, it’s time to invest in that potential and unblock your road to success

Leadership coaching

CoachYZ offers you the personalized guidance you need to find your core motivators, change your perspective to become a more focused thought leader, and rise above the challenges standing between you and the business growth you want to see happen; the business growth you know can happen.

Our coaches will provide the sounding board you need to accelerate your journey towards:

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Assisting a young CEO/founder on her journey to raising the funds needed to grow the business and secure the future of her start-up.

With her coach, they worked on stabilizing the company vision, perfecting the business plan, developing processes for the business to run smoothly while focusing on fundraising, creating a killer pitch deck to sell her idea, putting in place criteria for locating and contacting investors, and working on her presentation skills Together, they were able to maintain her team’s performance and morale while also enable her to put in place a fundraising campaign she could approach with confidence.


#co-founder first steps

Empowering a first-time co-founder to find his footing among an established team and demonstrate his abilities and potential.

He was assigned a coach with personal expertise in the field whose goal was to help him pinpoint early risk signs and address them. Together, they explored scenario planning to address and better his conflict management and raised his awareness to interpersonal skills needed to get closer to the team, communicate his needs, and avoid misunderstanding. With his coach, his first steps into his role went smoothly and he was able to grow a healthy and productive relationship with the other founders and team members. 

Maxence, co-founder CEO, co-founder, and entrepreneurship coaching

“I decided to go through the coaching process with a specific goal in mind: to improve my self-esteem and self-confidence in the professional world.

In fact, my assigned coach helped me completely solve a concern I was keeping in for a long time. He motivated me to take a step back to frame my concern and view it differently. He effectively challenged me positively to take the first step to move forward with a plan we put in place together. To top it all off, he helped me to assess my performance and encouraged me to proactively do better for the next few months and years.

The coach enables me to surpass myself in my project. Thanks to his human qualities and his ability to trigger and raise my self-awareness, the results were very clear: I was self-confident and succeeded in my professional interviews.”

—Maxence, co-founder