Embracing vulnerability in leadership: A path to empowerment

expressing vulnerability

Vulnerability in leadership: definition Traditionally, leaders are expected to embody strength, exude confidence, and show great resilience. Vulnerability, on the other hand, is commonly associated with weakness or fragility. However, this conventional view fails to capture the nuanced role vulnerability plays in effective leadership. To truly grasp the full potential of vulnerability in leadership, we […]

How to design and implement your non-violent communication process?

non violent communication

What is non violent communication? Non-violent communication: definition and origins Nonviolent Communication (NVC), pioneered by psychologist Marshall B. Rosenberg (PhD), serves as a guiding framework to set empathetic connections and initiate constructive dialogue among individuals. The NVC process is based on the principles of empathy and understanding. It offers a four-stage process: observation, feelings, needs, […]

Exploring the essentials of executive coaching

executive coaching

What is executive coaching? Definition and objectives Executive coaching is a professional coaching approach dedicated to supporting individuals with their performance optimization and stress management strategies. This is a collaborative partnership, where the executive coach aims to unlock the full high potential of individuals with regard to their leadership-related soft skills, such as: This tailored […]

How to hold employees accountable?

how to hold employees accountable

Hold accountability: meaning and benefits What it means to hold and to be held accountable in a work environment Holding people accountable at work is not about playing the blame game, it’s about asking to honor commitments and take responsibility for outcomes. It’s not just about doing tasks and getting results. Accountability involves ensuring that […]

EQ (Emotional Quotient): meaning, benefit & use

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What is EQ? Definition: what does EQ stand for in business? EQ is an acronym which means Emotional Quotient. This is a measure of an individual’semotional intelligence. In other words, EQ is an indicator of how well you are able to: This applies to both your feelings and the ones from people around you. Emotional […]

Engaging employees: Our tips to boost your team

how motivating employees

The importance of engaging employees Engaging employees: What does it mean? Employee engagement is a lot more than job satisfaction. it encompasses the whole extent of an employee’s commitment, motivation, and emotional investment in their work and their company’s success. Engaged employees are driven by goals which align with the company’s vision. Engaged employees share […]

V2MOM: Definition and Examples

V2MOM Definition & Examples

Learn how to implement V2MOM effectively in your organization with realworld examples, guiding your teams towards cohesive and purpose-driven success.

Territory management: Definition & objectives

territory management

What is territory management? Definition and purpose of territory management Territory management is a planning and organizational process designed to sort customers and prospects out by creating different customer segments based on a specific criterion. It can be geography but other sales data criteria are also commonly used to create territories: The bottom line is […]

Tips for effective sales coaching to boost your performance

effective sales coaching

Sales coaching: choosing the right approach Sales coaching : a definition  Sales coaching is a systematic and collaborative approach aimed at improving the performance and effectiveness of your sales teams. It involves a personalized and ongoing process where, as a coach, you work closely with salespeople to identify their strengths, address weaknesses, and refine their skills.   Successful […]

Maximizing leadership meetings: Strategies for effective management


Leadership meeting : Understanding why accountability drops Accountability isn’t always effectively upheld because it can feel aggressive for both the person being held accountable and the manager. For the person being questioned, it can feel like an inquisition, leading to anxiety and defensiveness. On the other hand, managers may find it stressful to ask probing […]