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One-on-One coaching to guide you towards closing your deals, enhancing your sales techniques and selling skills, and building confidence.

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CoachYZ will provide you with the perfect sales coach who will engage you to advance sales techniques, better your communication and selling skills, and develop the confidence needed for closing deals, growing your income, progressing in your career, and becoming your better self.

We will help you

  • Remind you of your core motivators and purpose
  • Help you pinpoint blind spots that have failed you in the past and the resilience to move past them
  • Empower your journey to overcoming imposter syndrome and feeling confident in yourself
  • Unpack the negative mindsets and behaviours blocking your way to sustainable growth
  • Find the right time management strategies and tools to stop you from sacrificing your personal life
  • Put in place proactive processes to stop you from falling behind again
  • Put in place strategies to increase sales to enable you to meet (and surpass) your sales goals
  • Enhance your communication, presentation, and sales skills to amplify your ability to close deals
  • Maintain a high level customer satisfaction to help you make an impact and allow to grow with peace of mind

Here are some sales journeys we’ve helped in the past

#Sales regression

Suddenly losing a couple of her “best” accounts to competitors, our client was caught up between trying to understand why they left, maintaining her current accounts, and acquiring new prospects to ensure she hits her quota and makes up for the losses.

As it caused her to feel overwhelmed and lost direction and self-confidence the main focus of the coaching was to stabilize the situation and emotions enough to allow her to focus on adding to her new prospect pipeline and promote higher customer satisfaction. Our first step was to focus on detailing her efforts and documenting what happened to have a better, objective view of the issue at hand. Along with her coach, they worked towards gaining a better understanding of the blindspots that caused her to miss the early signs of an account pulling away–and raising her self-awareness to notice those signs in current and future accounts. The second step was to identify other risky accounts and automate feedback processes to catch lapses in value early on and adapt the disposition to them. Taking away the ambiguity helped her regain the self-confidence she needed to move forward and work towards her goals without distractions.

#Road to the top

After putting in all the efforts and being highly motivated to move forward with his goals, he noticed a stagnation in his growth that he realized he couldn’t work out alone. With one goal in mind: becoming a top performer in his company, he reached out to us for strategic counsel.

CoachYZ matched him with a sales coach who deeply understands his motivation and together they worked on leveraging his natural resources and talents, broadening his outreach, and enhancing his messaging and sales techniques. Through their exchanges, the coach urged him to adopt a student mindset to get a better understanding of his product and competitor offerings—which enabled him to know exactly what he was looking for when prospecting and prioritizing his time and efforts efficiently and without getting held back with playing lost battles. After building that base, he and his coach were able to upgrade his messaging and selling skills to make them as strong and concise as needed to him gain more self-confidence in his outreach and explore other methods of contacting potential clients–doing what’s uncomfortable as well to tap into the potential he know he had.

Declan, Strategic Account Executive

Strategic Account Executive

“I became interested in coaching because I wanted to create the best possible environment for myself to succeed both professionally and personally. And I was eager to invest time and effort to reach my goal.

My coach helped me to rediscover my best self. From our sessions, I was not only able to make sense of the past and gain clarity about my current situation but also to gain a deeper understanding of who I am, my core values, and my biggest drivers—especially, what that best possible environment meant to me and how I can create it.

In result, I now have the clearest and most compelling vision for the future and have a much better understanding of my true life mission. It’s quite emotional to reflect on the impact my coach has had on my life and I will always be grateful for the positive change he has made to my life!”

Let’s make positive change happen!