Discover Our 10 Best Sales Closing Techniques

sales closing techniques

What is sales closing? Sales closing: definition Sales closing is the crucial juncture in the sales process where both seller and buyer agree on the sale’s terms, and the buyer commits to completing the transaction. This is where all of your efforts culminate (though the sales process isn’t completely over yet). Sales closing goes way […]

What is Sandler sales methodology & how to use it?

sandler sales methodology

The foundations of the Sandler sales methodology Sandler sales methodology: where does it come from? The Sandler sales methodology or Sandler selling system, as officially named, was designed and developed in 1967 by David Sandler. The idea was to address 3 issues he was too often confronted with as a sales rep: David Sandler addressed […]

BANT in sales: How to use it?

BANT methodology

BANT: Definition and goals What is BANT?  Definition and acronym BANT is an acronym which can be broken down into 4 elements. You need to consider all of  them to assess whether the prospect is a good fit for your product or service: • Budget: how much can they spend and will they spend it […]

Essential Sales Methodologies: the top 10 techniques you should learn

Essential Sales Methodologies

What is a sales methodology?  Sales methodology: a definition  A sales methodology is a set of guidelines helping your sales team close deals. A good methodology also gives your sales reps a series of actionable steps to reach their goals throughout either the whole sales process or just part of it. Sales methodologies are frameworks […]

A guide to understanding the MEDDIC Sales Methodology

MEDDIC sales methodology

MEDDPICC sales methodology: why use it?  Definition and origins  MEDDPICC is a B2B sales qualification methodology. It is designed to set up your sales teams to close  more deals by helping them pinpoint the most qualified leads. More specifically, the MEDDPICC  framework helps you list down:   • Everything you need to know about your leads […]