#New career

Case Study 1

New career coaching is a powerful exercise for anyone to find his dream job. For our client, a freshly graduated, the coaching process gave him much more to think about than just the company.

Scenario: Our client was a 25 year young graduated from one of the French Top Business School. He was unsure about the sector, the position and the process to be successful.

Approach: we started the coaching journey with an assessment that helped the client identify the strengths he could relied on. This assessment was also an opportunity for him to select the organisation he could feel comfortable with. Then, we went into the self-exploration phase of the coaching that helped our client to raise his level of awareness. The coaching revealed new career options, including new industries and environment that he didn’t identify. We also analysed together the skills and previous experiences that would make him successful not only for the interviews but also for the job itself. The client began networking and job search with a strong focus in the software industry. This entire process took approximately four sessions over the course of 4 months.  

Outcome: at the end of the coaching journey, our client found out a position in line with his personality and skills. He demonstrated such a level of enthusiasm that he was even able to negotiate several offers. We get in touch and he gave us some insights about his daily life in the company he selected. The work very meaningful to him and he was happy with his choice. He reported that the coaching was an opportunity for him not only to challenge himself and but also to keep the tools and approach provided for his next career moves.

 #Grow a Business

Case Study 2

Coaching can be powerful for young entrepreneurs who set up their businesses - to help them better handle the challenges they are facing.  We worked with a start-up owner that wanted to grow her business and engage more with her employees.

Scenario: The start-up owner worked in the food industry with 4 employees.  She was struggling with time management and team engagement. Thus, she was not able to plan strategically the business. She had the feeling that her leadership was not strong enough and that her team didn’t have the right support. As a leader, she was doing most of the work in order to get the job done correctly but the business was unable to scale.

Approach: We started the coaching journey with a behavior work style assessment and checked if it was in line with her values. The process was an opportunity to identify the gaps and understand the impact on the team. Basically, she was strong to make things happen by her own, but didn’t let enough place for her team to try and fail to learn. As a result, she didn’t include her team in her thinking, didn’t listen to their ideas. She found out what was her leadership style and stated that her time management issue is a result of it’s behaviours and lack of delegation. The client and the coach designed a talent map to organise the team around skills, set up priorities for others and define the new leader she wanted to become with a strong sense of weekly business planning.

Outcome: During the 3 months coaching journey, the client had implemented a new org chart to promote one staff member. She let him take more decisions and manage the day to day operations of the business. She was delegating more to her staff members and managed to gain trust. This new situation gave her more time to think strategically about he start up. Revenues increased by 15% over the year by leveraging more the team.